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Prepared. Not Scared.

Prepared Kids are ready for any disaster or emergency. ‘Prepared. Not Scared.’ is a program of the Safe America Foundation encouraging families to make a plan, assemble emergency items, and PRACTICE what to do if families are separated or together when a disaster happens.  Click here for ‘I Know What To Do’ information page.

Click here for your family emergency plan outline

5 Great Firework Safety Tips


Fireworks can be fun. Especially when you are young, with friends, and there are no parents around. Even though fireworks can be a blast to see and use, they also can be dangerous. Fireworks usually shoot up into the sky. Unfortunately, they have to eventually come down. When and where they come down is anybody's guess. We're not here to tell you not to use fireworks, but the contrary. If you use them, we want you to understand there are precautions you need to take.

Here are five tips to help keep you safe while using fireworks.


Is Your Child Ready to Be Home Alone?


Every parent, at some point, will have to consider allowing their child to be left home alone. As a parent that can be a scary thought, because so many unknowns can happen. As scary as it may seem, at some point you have to give your child the opportunity to prove their independence and maturity.

So what is a good age to leave your child home alone? Here are seven tips to help your child transition and feel comfortable while at home alone.


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Create meaningful educational initiatives—including media campaigns—reaching adults and youth to encourage modifications to harmful behavior and promoting life-long wellness.  Goals and Accomplishments of the Safe America Foundation.  Read More...

Safe Tomorrows

Safe Tomorrows Cover

A free life planning workbook for youth 11-14. It focuses how how making safe choices can allow you to follow your dreams.

Order Car Seats

Child in car seat

If you are a non-profit organization and would like to order car seats, please use the following link to print an order form here.

Safety Tips

  • Always buckle up!
  • Wear a life jacket while on a boat
  • Always wear a bicycle helmet
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Never ride in a car with a stranger
  • Ask permission before visiting websites

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