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I know what to do

Once every year, Prepared Kids should fill in each of the blanks below, with the supervision of a parent or adult, and know the answers to these important questions.

I Know What To Do…

My Emergency Information

My first and last name is __________________________ and I am ______ years old.

My house address is __________________________and I live in the city of ____________.

My home phone number is _____________________.

My emergency call number is ______________________.

The name of my school is ____________________________________ and my teacher’s name is ______________________.

My mother’s name is ____________________ and she works at ________________.

My father’s name is _____________________ and he works at _________________.

If there is an emergency and I cannot reach my parents, I call _________________________ and their phone number is ________________.

My family has taught me to know what to do…*

…if I am alone and someone is hurt.

…if there is a disaster caused by weather where I live.

…if I am alone and frightened.

* Visit the safety pages at Safe America Kids website.


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Who are we?

Create meaningful educational initiatives—including media campaigns—reaching adults and youth to encourage modifications to harmful behavior and promoting life-long wellness.  Goals and Accomplishments of the Safe America Foundation.  Read More...

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Safety Tips

  • Always buckle up!
  • Wear a life jacket while on a boat
  • Always wear a bicycle helmet
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Never ride in a car with a stranger
  • Ask permission before visiting websites

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